People and Carers of People with Disability in Australia, show your support to extend the Disability Royal Commission by sending a letter. The Disability Royal Commission has been asked to investigate the violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation of people with all kinds of disability, in all settings in Australia within a three year timetable.

This is a truly enormous task, and it’s become apparent that three years will not be enough time to give the investigation the proper attention it deserves, particularly with delays caused by COVID and the late introduction of privacy legislation ensuring that submissions will be kept confidential (legislation that has yet to be passed two years in to the commission).
The Hon. Ronald Sackville, Chair of the Disability Royal Commission has requested a 17-month extension to the Disability Royal Commission.

We support this request, and we ask you to do the same by writing to the Attorney-General.
You can use the sample letter here, or edit as you like.

People with disability must be heard, and we need more time to tell our stories.

Will you join us and support the extension to the Disability Royal Commission?
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