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4 House-Hunting Tips for Finding an Accessible Home

4 House-Hunting Tips for Finding an Accessible Home

Finding a perfect house is hard for anyone, but it can be an even bigger challenge if you need a home that suits your accessibility needs. Unfortunately, there might not be many homes on the market that will meet all of your requirements. As you begin your search, you...

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What the DRC is and why it is happening

Want to know more about what the Disability Royal Commission (DRC) is and why it is happening? Good day everyone from DAS Admin Receptionist Wendy-Lea! Below is a great little video made by Relationships Australia. This video explains what the Disability Royal...

Extend the Disability Royal Commission

People and Carers of People with Disability in Australia, show your support to extend the Disability Royal Commission by sending a letter. The Disability Royal Commission has been asked to investigate the violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation of people with all...